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Omar Chavez


Omar Chavez was born in Sun Valley, California. He is a 45 -year old father of two beautiful daughters and has been married to his wonderful

and supportive wife for over 22 years.

He was raised in Chihuahua, Mexico where he attended school in his early years. At age 16 he moved into Doña Ana County and attended Gadsden and

Santa Teresa High School respectively, before graduating in 1995.


Since 1991, Omar Chavez has lived and worked in this community attending

El Paso Community College and graduating from University of Phoenix with a master's degree in Business Administration.


He began his law enforcement career at the early age of twenty. Upon graduating from the academy, Chavez began working for the Anthony, Texas Police Department, where he attained the rank of Patrol Sergeant. During this time period, he also served as a reserve Deputy Sheriff for the Doña Ana Sheriff's office from 1999 to 2003.

In 2001, he graduated top of his class with the El Paso County Texas Sheriff's Office Detention Officer Academy. He worked at the Downtown EPSO Detention Facility for one year and was then selected to attend the Sheriff's Deputy Academy. Once again Chavez graduated at the top of his class, receiving an Academic Commendation

from Sheriff Leo Samaniego.


From 2003 to 2017, Omar served as a Patrol Deputy, Field Training Officer, receiving two promotions. First as a Criminal Investigations Detective and later to Patrol Sergeant. He passed SWAT selection as a top candidate, having served on EPSO SWAT Team for over nine years as entry team member, team leader and team sniper.


Chavez was also assigned for four years to the Homeland Security Section, managing federal grants and serving as the County of EL Paso Official Emergency Management Representative for the Sheriff's office and County of El Paso. Omar has over 6,500 hours of law enforcement training that he has acquired over his 23-year career.



In 2017, Omar passed multiple background checks and obtained his US State Department (DOS) security clearance to work as a security contractor. He attended DOS approved training in Montross, Virginia. Upon graduation, he was deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan as a member of a Special Response Team in support of diplomatic security, and has demonstrated his ability and commitment to defend the US abroad during an insurgent attack at his assigned camp.


Chavez continues to work for the US Department of State as a contracted police instructor in Mexico. He carries on his work in the private sector, as a Security Professional and has led an estimated $7-8 million highly professional and world known security company as a program manger. As a lead instructor for this company, he worked side-by-side with US Special Operations soldiers, instructing US Army, Navy and Air Force task forces, while managing a wide variety of security contracts and managing a large group of employees.

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